St. Louis .NET Meetup: Developer Potluck: Useful tools, APIs, services, and other tools

Feb 28, 2022

This talk is designed to quickly introduce developers to a wide range of useful tools and services we have found extremely useful in helping us provide better solutions, improving our development process, and generally just making our lives easier.

These tools range from sites that provide useful services for developers, APIs we frequently utilize within our applications to provide more capabilities, SDKs, and libraries we commonly leverage, and utilities we find useful.

Our goal with this talk is to quickly demonstrate a large number of useful tools, utilities, and APIs and leave attendees with the resources they need to find out more. Some of these tools are free/open-source and others are commercial, but we find them all extremely useful and can’t wait to share how we use them.

We will discuss:

Developer utilities (all the way down to our favorite command prompts)
3rd party APIs
Productivity software
IDEs and plugins
Useful NPM and NuGet packages

Kevin started developing software in 1985 at the age of 10 when his new Apple IIgs booted to a command prompt and he didn't know what else to do with it. He is now the president of a St. Louis, Missouri-based development firm called ArchitectNow ( At ArchitectNow, Kevin and his team specialize in a wide variety of tools and technologies while delivering applications across a variety of cloud and mobile platforms. He is an avid Telecaster player, fly fisherman, homebrewer, and gamer (including everything from retro arcade games, to board games, to role-playing games). When not spending time on any of those hobbies he waits patiently for the second season of Firefly.