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We go beyond just the technology to drive modern progress at the human collaboration level.

Where is your precious time being spent? Does that contribute to what differentiates you from your market?
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What We Do

We work hard to help our customers launch great software products. But, as you may know, things are never quite that simple. Different situations call for different strategies and tactics, or in our world, development languages and frameworks. We can talk technology until we’re blue in the face, but, at the end of the day, all that matters is that we can help you deliver great solutions that your users love and that achieve your business goals.

Different customers have different needs and we work hard to be the right partner for the right situation. Here are some of the ways we frequently work with our customers:

Why ArchitectNow?

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    Work with a transparent, collaborative development team to build, scale, or migrate your solution to suit your needs

    We believe in a close collaboration with every customer and are always proponents of full transparency every step of the way. We work to integrate every customer into the full design and management process surrounding a software development engagement. If you aren't sure what you can provide, we can help mentor you throughout the process.

  • 2
    Approach a scope of work with a clear definition of success, as well as a process to handle detours along the way

    The first step in a positive partnership between ArchitectNow and our customers is defining the scope of the overall project and agreeing upon the timeline and budget necessary for implementation. The better we can be at defining these three items the better we can ensure a successful project delivery.

  • 3
    Gain clarity on leveraging development resources and 3rd party tools to stay focused on providing differentiating value

    At ArchitectNow we go beyond just being your standard 'development shop'. We work closely with every customer to be innovative and creative in recommending options and solutions to help our customers differentiate themselves in their market.

  • 4
    Flexible partnership options allow us to work with customers in a variety of scenarios

    Not every need from every customer requires us to provide the same services. Our size and flexibility allows us to offer unique ways of partnering depending on what best fits any given situation.

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Ready Developer One Implementation

In this post we dive into the technical implementation details of the Ready Developer One platform. If you are curious to know more about the high-level details of the platform and want to try it out to play some games, check out our first post Ready Developer One Introduction. That post will provide you with links to the console and instructions on how to get in and play the various challenges (including full implementations of Zork 1, 2, and 3). The audience for the content of this post is the developer or architect curious about how a system like this was put together.
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Ready Developer One Introduction

Last October the team at ArchitectNow built a pretty cool thing. We build a lot of software for both mobile and web platforms, but this project was a bit different. First, we developed the platform for a software development conference we are involved with in the St. Louis, MO area called dev up ( Second, based on a conference “theme” (described below), we worked to build a platform and applications to engage, entertain, and incentivize nearly 1,000 conference attendees over the course of 3 days.
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A Touch of Applesoft Basic

I opened my first book on writing code in 1987. I wrote my first program within an hour of opening it. This week I found that program and got it running again. Most of us can likely look back and pinpoint the moment they first got “into” their current career path. There is always that first college class on a subject, that first job offer in a new industry, the first time someone sees a help wanted ad that they feel they want to go for, the first online class you take and realize you love something and want to do it for a living.
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