About Us

At ArchitectNow we use technology to make our customers more efficient and more profitable. We leverage our software development skills to help them launch new apps into the market or to build better internal systems to streamline their internal processes. The types of solutions we provide to our customers range from large, Cloud-based web applications or API’s to mobile apps targeting both iOS and Android phones. Sometimes our customers have their own team of developers and we play a part in helping them get more done or be more efficient. In other scenarios our customers do not have their own technology capabilities and we fill a number of roles for them to get this work done. Some customers treat us as their CTO and look to us for guidance and recommendations when undertaking large projects. Other customers treat us as an extension of their internal staff and use us when they have additional work they cannot get done as quickly as necessary. Our customers range in size from some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 firms down to newer startups looking to launch their first products. We work with customers throughout the United States and are very efficient and providing great solutions even when we aren’t able to sit in the same room with our customers decision makers.

We are passionate about what we do and spend a significant amount of our time giving lectures, training, and otherwise being involved in the local and regional software development community. We love sharing the knowledge that we have gained from working with so many great partners. We help organize conferences and meetups and try our best to contribute to the growth of the technology community around us in a positive way. Our company founder and president, Kevin Grossnicklaus, was recognized for 10 years by Microsoft as one of its prestigious Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) in client and web application development.

ArchitectNow was formed in 2009 by founder and president, Kevin Grossnicklaus, and our current offices are located in Wildwood, MO (a western suburb of St. Louis, MO).

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