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Webinar: Elevate & Secure: In-Depth Strategies for Managing a Remote Workforce with Microsoft Tools

Building upon the foundational practices discussed in our first webinar, "Beyond the Office: Empowering Remote Teams Securely & Effectively," we are pleased to present a deeper dive into the technical and procedural aspects of remote work management with Microsoft's suite of tools. This advanced session will empower your business with the knowledge to utilize Microsoft 365, InTune, Defender, and Azure for comprehensive remote work solutions.

We begin by exploring the nuances of managing users and licenses within Microsoft 365, ensuring that your team has the necessary resources without incurring unnecessary expenses. We’ll share strategies for balancing user access with cost-effectiveness, including how to allocate licenses in a dynamic, fluctuating remote workforce environment. The session will then transition into securing company and employee-owned devices with Microsoft InTune, providing you with best practices for device management that protect sensitive data without hindering your team's productivity.

In an era where cybersecurity threats loom large, we’ll dissect the capabilities of Microsoft Defender, offering an in-depth look at setting up robust security protocols across users and systems to thwart potential breaches. Provisioning devices for new users can often be a logistical challenge; hence, we’ll guide you through efficient methods for setting up hardware and software so that new team members can hit the ground running.

Furthermore, for roles requiring high computing power or sensitive data access, we’ll examine the benefits of providing virtual desktops, maintaining the agility and security of your operations. The webinar will also discuss hosting and managing key systems in Microsoft’s Azure cloud, enabling your business to scale flexibly and maintain uptime reliability. Finally, we’ll conclude with advanced tips for using Microsoft Teams not just as a communication tool, but as a hub for collaboration, integrating chat, voice, and video functionalities to create a seamless virtual office experience.