At every stage of an organization’s growth trajectory there are growing pains regarding the use of technology. Having a guide familiar with the pains of each stage as well as the interplay between stages will support you with making decisions regarding how much is enough as well as how much is too much.

Cost of Technology

The way companies approach technology implementation is very indicative of their relationship with money. As with anything else related to money, we can look at the cost of technology in two distinct yet related ways, present costs and future costs. Balancing these two costs is the art of managing technology in this modern era.

Being too resistant to present costs leaves an ecosystem exposed to unknown long term maintenance costs. Being too resistant to future cost could lead to expensive, over engineered solutions.

Technology Ecosystem

Technology has moved faster in the last five years than the previous 20 years likely. This means its harder and harder to assume once you build a solution you can leave it alone for extended periods of time. Between security and cost optimizations alone its important to be in tune with the most cost effective ways to not just implement solutions but also be prepared for what changes are to come.

The options to deploy and host software are now so vast and affordable, it simply does not make sense to have your solutions in a server closet in your business offices.

Human Capital

While technology may be a huge opportunity for transformation and delivering new value, every version of those outcomes require people. Investing in the right people will translate to the right outcomes.

Unless you’ve done it before, it’s difficult to know how to approach this broad effort, though in short it comes down to utilization of specific skill sets. The difference between an internal hire and a contracted role tend to be the duration and acceptable cost of filling the use case, the longer the need the more it makes sense to hire someone. What we saw missing in the market was a win-win option that merges these two strategies.

ArchitectNow allows for the financial flexibility of a contractor but the long term benefits of an internal hire or hires. Our clients get to leverage the scale of our cross-functional teams on a fractional commitment, which is to say that they only pay for the time that team uses. Having, potentially, a whole development team engaged and involved in your outcomes offers many backgrounds of experience, at a velocity akin to having a whole internal development team, where the knowledge transfer gaps stay as low as possible.


We all are setting out to do the best we can do with what we have, we tackle the challenge in front of us and move onto the next one. Without having experience with the progression common challenges, many companies learn these lessons on their own through extensive trial and error.

There are clear, leap frog opportunities across architecture, hosting, security, even planning & managing of these concepts where committing to move forward and modernize, while scary, has considerable bang for your buck. The time, energy and capital it takes to achieve revolutionary outcomes must come from somewhere.

For over a decade, ArchitectNow has been investing towards being capable of delivering these leap frog opportunities for any client we engage with. By working with clients of all backgrounds and goals, we’ve embraced the industry’s best practices to make the most of our clients’ budgets and achieve the greatest outcomes with the greatest flexibility, anticipating future needs. Whether its hosting costs and scalability, long term software maintainability or technology stack selection, ArchitectNow is perfectly positioned to guide any technology related endeavor.

What Now?

With the increasing rate of change and complexity, it’s incredibly rare to be able to gather all the requirements before requesting support. The step is talking through the constraints you do know and ask for support around the elements you don’t yet know.

ArchitectNow offers a handful of ways to approach this discussion, from a few upfront expectation setting calls, to a comprehensive assessment, with the option to bring in industry specialist experts when needed. There will always be obstacles along any path, relying on a solidly defined destination with milestones along the way keeps all parties involved accountable and on track along the way.

A free introductory phone call with ArchitectNow is all it takes to start identifying a clear path forward.

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