Leading a technology plan is as much an art as it is a science. You may be managing technical people as well as non-technical people, 3rd party tooling or internally built tooling. We help tease apart what you end goal is and create a holistic, phased approach to get you there.

Even the most basic level of technology management requires some thought and diligence. Cloud based storage and tooling is becoming the norm, but with those powers comes new vulnerability. Your hosted email & documents are safer being hosted in a cloud data center, however keeping those accounts from falling into the wrong hands is still of the utmost importance.

Custom written software has now been around long enough to have become considered legacy or unsupported two times over. These line of business applications can be exceptionally costly to maintain without the correct long term vision, the kind of vision which plans for it’s end of life before its created. One way to mitigate this end of life scenario is to constantly be keeping it up to date gradually, however this is often unrealistic without a very well tuned internal development team which has learning new tooling built into it’s culture.

Maybe you are a software company with externally facing products, lots of users and a development team. What got you from the beginning to where you are now, likely won’t be the skills you need to get to the next level. Scaling for a software company has less to do with technology and more to do with how your team thinks and operates. We coach companies how to slow down to speed up, plan effectively to measure progress and identify areas for opportunities, and leverage internal engineers to provide the maximum amount of value to the end users by knowing when to custom build tooling from scratch and when to use an off the shelf option.

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