The rate of technical advancement has reached a point where it’s critical to think about how solutions you haven’t even built yet will age. Those who already have technology solutions in place may see new reasons to adjust the footprint of their solutions.

More and more companies are discovering reasons to shift from an on premise footprint to a cloud based footprint. From cost to security to ease of use features, moving an existing architecture to the cloud has a compelling case. By nature of those companies history though, they are not typically well versed in how to go about this process. The have developed and refined the ability to manage on premise solutions, which aren’t always comparable to setup and manage cloud hosted solutions.

Whether a solution is hosted on premise or in the cloud, there is a clear need for keeping the code base relatively current. Eventually the companies behind the framework that solution is built on will no longer support those older technologies, which means they will no longer create updates for security vulnerabilities or improvements. This is the nature lifecycle of custom software which not all companies truly appreciate. This “technical debt” behaves like a traditional debt instrument, which if left unattended will cost significant money to deal with down the road.

Anytime there is a need for a migration from on premise to cloud, or even a large scale framework update, it is a natural opportunity to assess what other improvements could be made while effort is being spent in a given area. This could be simple changes, or it could be major architecture changes to allow for improved or fine-tuned scaling, security enhancements or other large feature additions. Executing on these diverse set of goals takes the experience of each of them and knowing in what order they should be accomplished.

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