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ArchitectNow is has long been a provider of Microsoft services including licenses to the broad ecosystem of workplace productivity and communication applications. Traditionally known as Office365, the Microsoft365 platform brings all your business, enterprise or education applications into one fully integrated license with security as a first class citizen.

Microsoft 365

Especially in today’s ever growing remote workplace, continuity across applications for a whole organization isn’t simply about convenience but rather about establishing a methodical environment for communication, collaboration and storage all while maintaining security best practices. The Microsoft365 license tier allows for teams of people to have everything they need to be successful, while allowing for mobility or BYOD scenarios.

ArchitectNow has been a poster child of this model for over a decade. We’ve never hosted servers or stored data on-prem as means of “being in control” of our data. We specialize in building custom software, not hosting individual data at data center standards. It’s very rare any individual company can compete with the security and availability that Microsoft can offer.

By partnering with ArchitectNow on productivity applications, we can teach you the strategy we’ve used to move in and out of office based and home based operations, and doing so cost effectively.

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Power Platform & Dynamics 365

When organizations have grown to involve many people who create specific workflows to standardize their processes, the question of “is there an app for that” naturally comes up. Sometimes there is and yet sometimes there isn’t. Some workflows are simply too unique to a given size and speciality of team that there is a justification to build custom software around this workflow. With Power Platform and Dynamics365 there are custom or modified solutions available to be created by non-technical team members at every scale, from the single individual to the enterprise level.

Whether it’s creating workflows for sales and marketing teams, or connecting multiple data sources to one easy to use productivity application, the Power Platform allows for drag and drop line of business solutions. At ArchitectNow, we’ve used these tools to collect data from 3rd party tools, rapidly create disposable applications for high value short term projects among other uses. We’ve also allowed for Dynamics365 to be our centralized CRM without losing the value of some other 3rd party tools we use for our marketing workflows. This level of customization without investing enormous amounts of time in maintaining the full solution allows us to take an iterative process in how we approach any kind of business related process.

The licenses to facilitate this toolset are very reasonable once you learn how they are intended to be used, though there is certainly the opportunity explore this toolset the expensive way without some upfront guidance. Just like hosting cloud native solutions in Azure, there is a best practice to approaching this strategy which we always make a point to share as an option for customers exploring a custom solution of any kind.

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Navigating uncertainty does not always mean something has gone wrong. Like having a mentor, we support our partners by asking the right questions in the right order. There is no one single way to approach leveraging technology, thus we don’t bring assumptions to the table.

Support by ArchitectNow not only includes tactical and strategic guidance when things go wrong, but especially pro-active advisory discussion regarding building a roadmap of implementation. We are a Microsoft Premier Support Partner which affords us unique opportunities to not only access various tiers of emergency support directly from their engineers, but also engage with expert teams to teach, consult or even conduct direct implementation.

Business Cases

Not all organizations have a business savvy, technical decision maker in house. In today’s ease of outsourcing, it doesn’t always necessarily make sense to have that role in-house. What is the most secure, cost effective, and low barrier to entry way to keep everyone in the organization in communication and focused on the right things with the right tools? This answer is different for every organization. ArchitectNow partners with clients to work through the various business constraints presented and brings best practices to the table, all while knowing how to bend some rules to not simply deliver cookie-cutter solutions.

Anticipating how this custom implementation will likely need to evolve over time is the next level of delivery. Growing user base, devices, and data all have unique implementation adjustments to stay up to date with the balance between security and mobility. We guide our clients through these considerations, explain all the implications, and setup any changes needed, all while identifying opportunities to save money on upfront or ongoing expenses.

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