Microsoft Power Platform for .NET Developers with Kevin and Don

Jul 27, 2020

We as developers are always on the lookup for new tooling, frameworks and packages. Adding “tools to our toolbox” allows us to meet the needs of our stakeholders better, faster and easier. Some of what we build, though, is ultimately repetitive or expensive to maintain based on the value it provides. What if you could “spin up” tooling, UI’s, and automated workflows that are quick and easy to build and maintain so that you can focus on critical or ground breaking functionality?

Microsoft’s Power Platform provides a very powerful set of tools and capabilities on which developers can design and build robust business applications. While a significant amount of capabilities can be realized via a “low code” approach, these tools not only aren’t going to be picked up by just anyone, but there are still significant opportunities for custom development requiring traditional tools and DevOps processes.

During this session, Kevin will provide an overview of the Microsoft Power Platform and you can leverage it as a .NET developer to better prioritize your time on features only you can build and maintain. We will discuss the overall components of the Power Platform and how they are positioned as a set of systems to build custom solutions on.

We will focus on and demonstrate the following key components:

• Common Data Service
• Power Apps
• Power Automate
• Power BI
• Power Virtual Agents

The presentation will be demonstration heavy and we will focus on the types of business solutions you can build on this platform. We will also discuss (and do our best to explain) the licensing implications of utilizing the Power Platform as the basis for your internal business apps.