St. Louis Azure Meetup: Demystifying Azure Pricing

Jun 24, 2021

The in’s and out’s of understanding the complexities of Azure pricing can get a bit complicated. During this talk presenters Alex Will and Kevin Grossnicklaus will discuss strategies around planning for and paying for Azure consumption and other Microsoft services such as Office 365 and Dynamics 365. As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider we set up and manage Azure and Microsoft 365 environments for customers all over the US. In doing so we’ve tried many different approaches to creating and updating environments to better utilize the dollars spent by our customers while providing robust cloud solutions. We’re sharing the best practices we’ve learned and adopted to create the ideal end result: predictable pricing with the best experience possible. This includes not only making smart initial decisions on configuring new environments but also in managing and reporting on ongoing costs to make better use of the resources you are ultimately paying for.

Some high level topics we will cover include:

Basic overview of how Azure and other Microsoft services are priced and how billing is generally accomplished

Tips and tricks on estimating and implementing Azure applications with regards to pricing

Reserved pricing vs consumption based pricing

Discussion of pricing around specific resource and service types

Managing your billing and tracking towards a monthly budget

Cost savings options and other advanced topics

As time allows we will gladly answer and many questions as we can from attendees.