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Not all organizations need in-house technical executives to make important technical decisions. ArchitectNow provides hosting services via Microsoft Azure, where we not only provide the tactical implementation for you but also provide guidance along the way to manage cost and performance outcomes.

Cloud Application Hosting

The cloud and web hosting have been around for years, but the technology is improving. Azure is a cloud service offered by Microsoft to deliver cloud computing services with the ability to deploy and manage applications in the cloud. With Azure you can start a very rich website quickly with the global infrastructure and platform services. Azure is compatible with many technologies including ASP.NET, Java, PHP, and Ruby on Rails to name a few.

ArchitectNow is a Microsoft Gold Partner as a direct CSP hosting provider. Our success is a result of our direct experience building and deploying cloud architected web applications for clients of various sizes and specialties. We some resources we specialize in deploying and maintaining are:

  • Full Stack Web Applications
  • Relational & Non-Relational Databases
  • Web Caches and Sockets
  • Containers & Kubernetes


With the background of developers and cloud architects, ArchitectNow offers top of the line support to dig deep into root cause analysis of problems or concerns. Where we may not have the technology or specialization experience, we engage Microsoft Premier Support team directly to bring the highest caliber support with as much urgency as required.

Some of the areas of support we regularly provide are:

  • Application Downtime Resolution
  • Performance Optimization
  • Application Migration Strategy

Business Cases

Small and mid sized businesses alike find incredible value from partnering with ArchitectNow to host and support their web applications. Whether our clients have built an application for internal use or external monetization, we work with them to setup a robust yet cost effective hosting strategy.

Knowing exactly when to, for example, setup additional instances of an application or synchronized databases for emerging business needs is not straightforward for those who don't specialize in application architecture. This is a perfectly normal position for organizations to find themselves in. Having this level of expertise in house is no longer a requirement to do business. Partnering with ArchitectNow affords the possibility of an entire IT department "as a service", from CTO to development to hosting, all on a pay for what you use basis.

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