Web and Mobile Development

Our team of full stack developers takes our combined knowledge of decades of technology advances to build rich web experiences to enable users to do what matters. We build and deploy cross-platform native applications, leveraging on device hardware which allows us to reimagine what a technology can do for an end user’s workflow.

App Modernization

Whether its before or after a cloud migration, there is typically a massive opportunity to modernize applications to leverage more robust, efficient, and modular practices. We guide customers through this process, and in most cases do the work for them while taking every chance possible to teach them what they need to know along the way.

Cloud Migrations

Migrating off legacy technology is now a fact of life for the technical world. The massive strides from cloud service providers has made this process far easier than even a few years ago. We help customers leverage these robust platforms to strategically begin to migrate their legacy systems to new, more powerful, and oftentimes cheaper platforms.

Development Process Consulting

Anything worth doing is worth doing right, especially when it comes to building your own software. One part Agile Methodology principles, one part fully automated continuous integration/deployment, with a dash of openness to experiment, we teach you to blend these elements to suit your unique style of development.

CTO For Hire

Sometimes the most critical decisions are acknowledging what NOT to do. When should you buy a tool instead of building it yourself? When should you take the more basic approach instead of the fancier one? This is the art form that CTO’s practice, though not every company has a true CTO. We partner with companies to give this kind of strategic technical guidance at the highest level to make sure they succeed because of their technology, not despite it.