Modernizing your Business with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams

Feb 8, 2022

Today’s workers need access to information and functionality regardless of whether they are on a laptop, a tablet, or their phones. Leveraging Office 365 and modern tools such as Microsoft Teams, OneNote, and Planner provides your employees with the a comprehensive platform for collaboration no matter where their work takes place. Businesses of any size can leverage Office 365 to safely and securely manage their data and communication and to optimize their critical business processes.

This workshop will provide business owners with a complete overview of how they can easily (and cheaply) provide their team with the means to communicate and collaborate from any device safely and securely from anywhere in the world. From safely sharing files in the cloud (OneDrive) to facilitating team communication via video or audio meetings (Teams) we will provide a real world overview of how these tools can be used together to make your business much more efficient and effective. We will share the best practices we recommend to all companies as well as discuss pricing for the various options available.

Topics we will cover include:

• An overview of the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem

• Leveraging Microsoft Teams as your collaboration hub

• Securely sharing and backing up files using OneDrive

• Collaborating on notes and free form information via OneNote

• Collaborating on documents in real time

• Connecting your employees across multiple devices

• Best practices for setting up your business quickly and securely

During this workshop we will provide a demo of many tools and capabilities as well as do our best to provide a comprehensive overview of how best to collaborate using Office 365.